Injuries caused by a car accident may vary from severe to minor. Many types of injuries can be caused by a car accident. The type of injury is determined by where one was positioned at the time of accident, direction of the force came, and from where and how the source of injury came.

There are majorly two types of injuries that might happen to an individual involved in a car accident.

i)    Impact injuries: When the person’s body hit an interior surface of the car.

ii)    Penetrating injuries: Injuries that involve cuts. It can either be by a glass or lose objects.

The following are some of the injuries that might happen to anyone involved in a car accident.

1.    Cuts and scrapes

When the car gets hit at the time of the accident, objects in the car gets thrown inside it. Some of these objects might have sharp edges or heavy to be able to cause injuries. Cuts and scrapes on the body surface become common in such cases when these objects hit you.

The cuts and scrapes might be minor or even major at some events.

2.    Bone Fractures

The force from the crash and the compression between the spaces commonly cause bone fractures. Bone fractures in the hands, arms, and legs are most common in a car accident.

Bone fractures may sometimes be very severe that it becomes difficult for the injured to even move out of the car. Other symptoms may also include deformity, loss of function and feel, severe pain, and permanent or temporary paralysis.   

3.    Concussions and head injuries

One of the most common injury in a car accident are head injuries. At the time of the crash, the person’s head will be thrown back and forth, which may cause concussions. Concussions may cause headaches, temporary or permanent loss of memory, loss of consciousness, dizziness, and may have future mental effects.

Medical head injuries in the form of skull deformation, internal or external bleedings may also occur. Concussions and head injuries may also cause brain damages. 

4.    Emotional Injuries

Impact and penetrating injuries can be attended to and recovered with proper medical attention. Psychological injuries occurring out of shock and trigger may be severe repercussion on the overall health of the injured. Behavioral changes and mental heal affects in the form of anxiety, depression, and withdrawals are common after-effects of a car accident.

Apart from the lengthy procedures of an injury claim and an accident lawsuit, car accidents can cause a lot of effects, mental and emotional. It is, therefore, crucial for every individual behind the wheels to drive safely and carefully. It is also important for every pedestrian to follow road rules and to be at an alert.